Football Computer Games

Football is such a popular sport that has influenced every form of modern media. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that there is an abundance of soccer-themed video games out there. They have existed in earlier gaming systems and continue to endure to this day.

Why People Play

Traditional football is an activity that requires physical exercise. The popularity of football-based video games may seem surprising, given that very little exertion is needed. Furthermore, the team play element of the sport is removed with solo game modes.

Despite this, there are several reasons why people choose these types of games. Players get to control well-known celebrity footballers on famous pitch grounds. Games offer viewpoints that are not available when playing in real-life matches. For instance, users are able to control a camera that pans over the entire pitch with a bird’s eye view. Being able to move each member of the football team around also provides an added element of freedom.

Furthermore, football video games do not have to be antisocial solo activities. Multiplayer modes are common in the biggest titles. Players can invite a friend to join them if they have an extra controller. They can even use online modes to play with people in different countries. Live voice chat is possible, thanks to gaming microphones.

Online Casino Games

A lot of online games have football themes. This is in order to entice more players. A key aspect of gambling games is marketing. Themes are essential as they bring in new players.

Online bingo will often use football for this purpose. However, other tactics are also used, including introductory bonuses. This can include a refer a friend promotion which further increases the number of potential players. Football can be used as a visual theme or narrative device in online games.

Best Football Games

Over the years a number of football video games have been released that are worthy of praise. Some are big franchises that release new instalments annually. Others are older games that continue to be played years later because they are so much fun.

  • FIFA

The FIFA series has been going for more than 25 years. These games simulate real-life professional matches. The likenesses of celebrity players are used to give a sense of authenticity. In 2016 the first FIFA game to include female footballers came out. Over the years the game engine, graphics and overall layout of FIFA titles have evolved and been updated. The series is likely to continue into the near future.

  • Pro Evolution Soccer

PES is very similar to FIFA. In fact, both franchises are considered rivals. Fans of PES often update the names and stats of virtual players so that they mimic those of real ones. This makes the gaming experience more reflective of real-world pro football. PES and FIFA regularly compete to get celebrities to give their likeness to games.

  • Rocket League

Rocket League follows the basic rules of football. However, the main difference is that cars are used to push a large ball around. Undoubtedly this gives the game an added element of enjoyment. Players get to pick from a variety of different vehicles. The Rocket League soundtrack is also popular. It features songs from chart-topping artists, engaging the playing even further.

  • Football Manager

This series focuses more on the management side of football. As a consequence of this, there is an emphasis on tactics. Football players need to be picked carefully for their strengths and attributes. The success of a match will depend on how well the teams have been chosen and trained.

  • Super Soccer

Super Soccer is an older sports game that is still often featured on top ten lists by critics. Released in 1991, it has two game modes: exhibition and shootout. The game is won by beating all national teams in a tournament. Pitch formations are chosen at the start of each match and can affect the chances of winning.