All About Football

Football enthusiasts will be delighted to have found this blog, which discusses exciting topics related to the world’s favourite sport. Some of the many fascinating subjects covered here include football associations, clubs and leagues.

Local Clubs

Sometimes, fans may tire of hearing the same Premier League teams mentioned over and over again. There is much to be enjoyed from following the local clubs who play in the lower leagues. Let us guide you to the fun that can be had when becoming part of the community who supports your local football team. You can join in the local events, and if you have children, we discuss how to get them interested in the sport, with their own training sessions. The smaller teams may not get the same media attention, but rest assured, you can still find information on your local club through social media and blogs.

UK Football Leagues

For those who may be new to this exciting game, we provide a comprehensive guide as to the structure of the UK football leagues. Of course, our site wouldn’t be complete without some discussion of the Premier League, and we present the interesting history of some of the top teams, including Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. You can also learn about the relegation system and the English Football League. For instance, perhaps you were unaware that it’s not just about the standard of the football being played, but other factors are taken into consideration, such as the clubs finances and ground.

Football Associations

No one could fail to be thrilled when its time for the FA Cup, and here you can discover the role of the Football Association in this prestigious event. However, the rest of the United Kingdom is not forgotten, and we are happy to provide an informative section on the Scottish Football Association, the Football Association of Wales, and last but not least, the Irish Football Association. Each one of these has a fascinating history.

Football Computer Games

As a fan of football, you may enjoy spending some of your leisure time playing sports-related football games. These can be just as competitive as a real match! Let us show you some of our favourites, which include the FIFA series, Pro Evolution Soccer, Rocket League, Football Manager and Super Soccer. You may also be interested in some casino gameplay, and will perhaps be surprised to learn that even bingo can have a football theme.

We hope you really enjoy spending some time with us and discovering new facts about football associations, leagues and clubs. With football being so popular, there is always changes within the sport, and we will be the first to let you know of any new developments.